Benjamin Laird

About Benjamin Laird

I am a PhD candidate in Creative Media and part of the nonfictionLab research group at RMIT University based in Melbourne, Australia. My research is in biographical/documentary poetry in programmable media. My PhD project involves a creative component – poetry in print and programmable media – and an exegesis.

My undergraduate degrees are in Engineering and Computer Science from Swinburne and an honours year at RMIT in Media and Communication. You can read my honours exegesis, (en)coded poetry: read, write, execute on the honours lab website.

I have worked as IT support, a puppet animation technician, a front-end web developer, and a web application developer and I currently support and (re)write code for the Overland literary journal and Cordite poetry review websites.

My essays, posts, and poetry have been published in various places.

In general, I’m interested in digital poetry, poetry, metadata, the Semantic Web, Python, literature, publishing, ergodic literature and open source hardware.

Benjamin Laird


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